Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Notes on Heroes vs. Villians, Episode 1

And I mean it, quick notes.
This was the best Survivor premiere ever!
As ridiculous as he is, Coach is the star so far.
Coach + Jerri = Unholy Alliance.
Neithe Rupert nor Colby are impressive so far. Come on!
Russell is working his magic again. Is it wrong to root for him?
Glad Cirie wasn't voted out. My heart skipped a beat when Tom started talking about that.
Tom is very impressive to me so far. JT too. I thought the winners would be in over their heads.
Boston Rob is a blast.
Tyson and Courtney are on the show purely for their one-liners.
Sugar: Glad she went first, but she had her best moment ever when she won that challenge for them.
I am constantly amazed at the sheer size of James.
Can't wait til the Villians tribe goes to tribal council.
Anyone else interested in Rob vs. Russell?
Go Cirie! Go Colby! Go Russell! Go Rob! Go Steph! In that order.


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