Monday, January 11, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

So. . .sorry, but I have to weigh in about the upcoming season of Survivor. I am a little embarrassed, but I still really enjoy the show.
The cast has been announced. I will comment on each of the players.

Who I am really glad to see:
Colby (Australia): You can't have heroes without Colby. He is the best. I really would love to see him win it all this time around. I also really think he can win. There are other targets, and he is really likable.
Rupert (Pearl Islands): Along with Colby, Rupert is the one male hero that was an absolute must. I still am not convinced that he is a great player, but he is a great guy and a great survivor. Maybe he can get carried to the end. If he does, he would be hard to beat.
Boston Rob (Marquesas): I think he could really win this time around. He is a great player, and super-competitive.
Stephanie (Palau): She is the female Rupert (but a better player). I am really glad she is on. If she can make the merge, she could be really dangerous.
Cirie (Panama)
: I am really glad she is back. Probably my favorite female player of all time. Like Steph, if she can make the merge, she may make it all the way. I would love to see her finally make it to the end. If she does, I don't think anyone could outdo her in the Final Tribal.
Russell (Samoa)
: Great choice. What an unbelievable and unique player. I think his chances of winning are actually pretty decent.
Coach (Tochantins): Coach is ridiculous and that is why they needed to have him on the show. I think he has absolutely ZERO chance of winning, but he is going to be entertaining. Hopefully he can stay in long enough for that.

Who I am relatively glad to see:
Tom (Palau): Tom is great, but I am not crazy about bringing back winners. I just think it is going to be too easy to vote him off.
Parvati (Cook Islands): Had to bring her back, but the same applies to her as applies to Tom. She won. She won't win again.
JT (Tochantins): See Tom.
Sandra (Pearl Islands): See Tom. But she won quite a while ago. I don't get why she is a villain. I don't really think she was a very impressive winner last time, so I don't know how big a target she will be. But she also isn't great in challenges, so she might be out early.
Tyson (Tochantins): He is really good in challenges. At the beginning of his season, I liked him and thought he was hysterical. As the season went on, I came to believe that he was just mean. I don't know. He will be good, but I am not a big fan.

Who I am lukewarm about seeing:
James (China): Everyone loves James (me too). James is big and strong, and he is a great guy. Not a great player, though. It is fun to watch him because he is such a beast in challenges. I don't think he will win, though.
Amanda (China): I get why they asked her. She is good, and she made it to the end both times she played (and then choked horribly both times at the Final Tribal). I am a little tired of her, though. She needs to be voted off this time. I don't think the others will let her get to the end for the 3rd time.
Courtney (China)
: She was funny and did better than expected, but I thought she was completely carried to the end by Todd (my pick in that season). I don't know why she is on this season. She is in serious danger of being voted off early because she is really not good in challenges.

Who I don't get:
Candice (Cook Islands): This just baffles me as to why she was picked. I don't get why she is on the show. And I don't get why she is a hero. She was sent to exile island like 4 times in a row after her mutiny. She finished 8th in her season. She may fly under the radar this season because she was not terribly impressive before.
Sugar (Gabon): Another choice that I am not crazy about. I get her a little more than Candice (at least Sugar made it to the end in her season). Oh well. Maybe she will help to get the bad people off.
Randy (Gabon)
: I kind of get this pick because he was a riot, but I think they could have done better.
Danielle (Panama): I guess it get it because she finished 2nd, but I thought she was really forgettable.
Jerri (Australia): I don't get why they keep bringing her back. She is not that good. I just think it is probably because she and Colby clashed. They want to play off that again.

Who I wish was on:
Overall, I think that cast is really good. I think it will be a great season. But there are a few players that I would have loved to see again:
Terry (Panama): He so dominated the challenges that season, and then Danielle betrayed him and never gave him the chance to win it all. I wish they would bring him back.
Rafe (Guatemala): He was great he first time, winning challenges and running things in the tribe.
P.G. (China): I actually would rather see her than Amanda or Courtney (or Sugar or Candice). She played with gusto and lasted a long time.
Tina (Australia): I know this goes against not wanting winners, but she was a great winner, and a great person.
Erik (Fans vs. Favorites): For the guy who gave up immunity and then got voted off, how could he not get another invite. Classic!

Should be fun.


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