Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Boys

So, here are some new(er) pictures of the boys. You might be familiar with them if you have seen Karina's blog.
For each of the pictures, I will give you a little commentary with Matt, who is standing next to me right now.
"I am holding the basketball hoop down for Jack to reach it. He made it into the basket."
We really loved seeing this. The basketball hoop was at a setting too high for Jack, so Matt held it down for him. Both boys have been really into basketball lately (March Madness, anyone?). It was fun to see Matt take so much delight in helping his bro.

"Jack was eating some pasta first. Then, he was singing, and dancing his fingers with a song."
Dancin' Jack continues his ways. The latest move he invented was to move his pointer finger around while dancing. Now it has become something the whole family does while listening to music. If he hears a song that he likes, the fingers just start going for it. He is like a little maestro. Sometimes when we are in the car, all four of us go for it (we often listen to the classical station). It is a pretty great sight.
"I have a blister hand. It hurts a little bit."
This has been one of the big happenings at our house lately. "Blister hand" has been fading out, but still a big topic of conversation. Matt has been virtually doing everything with only one hand. When crossing the street, we must hold "non-blister hand." When taking his dishes up to the counter, he daringly does it with one hand. Pretty soon "blister hand" should return to just being "hand." Matt was a bit freaked out at it at first, but he has come to sort of like it. We still don't know exactly how he got it.
So, we are off to Ecola this next week. It should be a really good time. I get to teach Minor Prophets (or "The Twelve," if you took the OT class at church) again. "We are going to bring some peanut butter," Matt just informed me. We should also play some mini-gold, visit the cheese factory, and (hopefully) spend some time at the beach. We will see how the weather is.