Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Basketball Season

It is playoff season for the NBA, so Matthew has been getting well-acquainted with what is happening, especially with the Lakers. If Matthew is watching a sport with me, he inevitably will want to play that sport while we are watching. We have a basketball hoop in our play room (where the TV also is), so Matt will shoot hoops and serve as his own commentator.
On top of loving sports, Matt also has a pretty good memory, so he is able to remember a lot of the Lakers, even those who are not the main stars. He talks a lot about Bryant and Gasol and Ariza and Fisher, but my favorite is when he talks about Vujacic.
Sasha Vujacic is a role player with the Lakers and a 3-point specialist. Still, he tends to plan a major part in Matt's fantasy games. The other day he was playing and running a commentary while doing so. Here is a little taste of what it sounded like:
"Bryant to Fisher. To Ariza. To Odom. Odom shoots, NO GOOD! Vujacic the rebound. Vujacic, NO GOOD! Vujacic the rebound. Vujacic, NO GOOD! Vujacic the rebound. Vujacic, NO GOOD! Vujacic the rebound. Makes the shot. Vujacic to Gasol. . ." You get the point.
Other phrases that he throw in are:
"Slams it"
"For the three"
"Knocks it down"
He also sometimes gets fouled and then shoots free throws.
On top of all of this, though, he will make Karina and/or me watch while he does his own instant replay of the best plays.
This video is not the same running commentary of what I tried to imitate previously, but it may give you a little taste. Listen for Farmar and Vujacic.