Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quick Update

I know this blog has been all about Survivor lately, but I will blog something else later this week. First, a quick update:
After two episodes, all eleven of us are still in it. But let's do a quick status report.
Who's Thrilled:
1. Dave McAllister: James is proving to be an absolute beast in challenges. That should get him at least to the merge and father if he can run off some immunities.
2. Andrea Moffat: Amanda showed that she was a real player this week. She was great in the reward challenge.
3. Me: Todd rules. He rules strategically, he rules mentally, and he was huge in the immunity challenge.
Who's Happy:
4. Ami McNay: Erik is cool. Keeping calm and thinking strategically.
5. Daren Blomquist: Leslie is liked and she got the immunity idol clue (which she showed to Todd; YES!).
6. Greg Moffat: Jaime is really likeable and seems like she will definitely make the merge. She makes the merge, she could go all the way.
7. Ang Stump: Frosti is proving great in the challenges, likeable around camp, and under the radar with Dave on the team. Could go far.
Who's Fine:
8. Karina Franklin: Denise was basically non-existent in this episode, but she seems to be getting along fine in camp.
9. Meagan Wood: Aaron is strong, but the leader target on his back is huge. The good thing is that Todd and Amanda brought him in. Todd and Amanda rule.
Who's Confused:
10: E-Wood: Jean-Richard (JR) is either one the smartest players ever, or he has way too high an estimate of his strategic abilities. I am not sure if he is serious about his strategy or if he is just lazy. If he goes far, I will be really, really impressed.
Who's Bummin':
Sarah Blomquist: Dave is reaching the beginning of the end. I totally misjudged him. What a jerk. The only way I see him making the merge is if his team doesn't lose more than one more immunity. He's in trouble. And no way he's winning.

Favorite interaction of the week (and one of my favorites ever):
Aaron: We don't like each other.
JR: You're not right about that.
Aaron: Oh, well, you like me and I don't like you?
JR: There you go.
Aaron: Okay.

Great Stuff.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


4 Survivor Remain: Courtney, Sherea, Ashley, Peih-Gee.
Updated List of Survivor Pick 'em:
Dan Franklin: Todd (flight attendant)
Karina Franklin: Denise (lunch lady)
Dave McAllister: James (grave digger)
Eric Wood: Jean-Richard (poker player)
Meagan Wood: Aaron (surf instructor)
Sarah Blomquist: Dave (model)
Daren Blomquist: Leslie (Christian radio show host)
Ami McNay: Ethan (professional soccer player)
Greg Moffat: Jamie (student)
Andrea Moffat: Amanda (former pageant winner)
Ang Stump: Frosti (student)

Here is my offer as Thursday approaches:
The pickings are slim, so I offer anyone who wants to get in on this that you can pick "the field." In other words, you can have the four remaining contestants. Of course, if you still like one of them, you can pick that person to show your picking skills.
Offer is open.
Oh, and just kidding about Ami's pick. She has Erik, the musician. And she picked him for reasons other than that he looks like Ethan. Really. I totally believe you.
Odds on new picks:
Jamie and Amanda: Good picks. If they make the merge, they could go far. Over/Under on both: 11.
Denise: Again, she needs to make the merge. I don't see a high likelihood of that. If she makes it, she could stick around. Over/Under on Denise: 14.

More are still welcome.
Oh, Dave thinks we should put money on this. I am up for $5 if enough of you want to. Responses?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fantasy or Reality

Well, the response was overwhelming to the first bi-anual Survivor Pick 'em. There is still plenty of room, but I will give the picks thus far. Thankfully no one doubled up, although a couple people had to pick their 2nd favorite.
Dave McAllister: James (Grave Digger)
Dan Franklin: Todd (Flight Attendant)
Ang Stump: Frosti (Student, Youngest Contestant of All Time)
Eric Wood: Jean-Robert (Professional Poker Player)
Meagan Wood: Aaron (Surf Instructor)
Sarah Blomquist: Dave (Former Model)
Daren Blomquist: Leslie (Christian Radio Show Host)
Ami McNay: Erik (Musician)
Still waiting for responses from:
Kelly McAllister
Rich Stafford
Dawna Stafford
Karina Franklin
Mirranda Meacham
Any Moffats
Still Available:
Anyone else who watches but has not yet "outed" themselves.
8 are taken, 7 are still open.
Now I will give my quick take on each person already taken.
James: I, apparently like everyone else, really liked James. However, I don't think he can win. I think he will make the merge and finish somewhere in the 8-5 range. I think he just won't be able to get into a main alliance. Not strategic enough. But he'll be a beast in the challenges and his own tribe would be incredibly foolish to eliminate him. Over/Under on James: 7.
Frosti: Liked him. Thought about picking him. I got burned, though, by picking Michelle last season. I think Frosti is too young to finish. Over/Under on Frosti: 6
Jean-Robert: Not surprised Eric picked him. I was either going to pick him or Todd. I don't know if JR is very smart, or very stupid. The jury is out. That conversation with Todd either revealed a really cool and unorthodox strategy, or it revealed arrogance that will get him ousted before the merge. I am leaning toward the latter. Over/Under on JR: 12
Aaron: Good guy. I think he will annoy people. I think he finishes in the 12-9 range. Over/Under on Aaron: 10.
Dave: I think he is a very, very good pick. Definitely could go all the way. Mentally tough and seems likeable. Gotta be careful, though, on the leadership thing. That will likely get him out in the 12-9 range also if he is overbearing. I think, however, he is smart enough to get it done. Over/Under on Dave: 4.
Leslie: I really liked her. I loved how she seemed to very authentically coach James. If she can get into an alliance with James and a couple others, then she and James could both go to the final four. It's tough, though, because she could also be out next week. Major wild card. Just depends on how her tribe responds to her. She also could go far because if she makes the merge, she is unlikely to be a threat. James isn't a strong enough strategic player to keep her in the game if it is just up to him. Over/Under on Leslie: 12.
Erik: Liked him, but didn't get to know him nearly enough. I think Ami picked him because he reminds her of her all-time favorite Survivor, Ethan. Am I wrong? He does look a little like him. I see Erik making the merge, but them going in the 10-7 range. Over/Under on Erik: 9.
Todd: All the way. No way he goes before the merge because he is too likeable. He will get along with people. I think he will end up in a good alliance within his tribe. If they are up when the merge comes, I think he can maneuver himself to the win. I think if he ends up having to go up against JR (which he most likely will at some point), Todd will win out. More likeable and more undercover. Over/Under on Todd: 3.
Interesting Note: All the guys were chosen. 8 of us picked, and only Daren was bold enough to pick a gal. Are we thinking that a woman can't win Survivor, or just not this season?
That said, I think everyone's picks were really good (not that you need my approval). This will be fun.
And now, the question everyone is wondering about:
Ami, your TV got struck by lightning?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fantasy Survivor

First of all, I got some response in my last post about the banning of video games after the age of 32. Mom, I think you are an exception. You kill at Dr. Mario. It's amazing. You somehow pull it off. I was thinking more of the guy who is 35 years old, but is still acting like a 16 year old.
Secondly, most of you know that I have confessed to liking the show Survivor. The amazing thing is how many people have responded that they also watch. It's a fun show to talk about because everyone disagrees on who is good and who is bad, whether it is okay to lie or not, and all that stuff.
Anyway, the new season starts tonight (I think we're going to watch it with some friends this weekend). Last year my best friend Dave told me that his wife, Kelly, was in a Survivor pool with some friends. They each picked who they thought would win, put in $5 or something, and then watched the show. Whoever's pick won, they got the money.
I thought it would be fun to do something like that (whether or not it involved money).
1. Everyone watches the first episode to get an idea of who is who.
2. Everyone either emails me ( or responds to this post with their pick to win.
3. We could do it where multiple people pick the same person, or we could go first-come first-serve. That would mean that if two people pick the same person, the second picker would have to go back and choose a remaining character.
4. Come on, you know you're out there. Sister. Blomquists. Stumps. Moffats (both couples). Dave. Mirranda, Rich (Survivor buddy).
Anyway, could be fun.
Also, I get to pick first.
5. No, picking begins as soon as the first episode is over. I will not be watching it for a couple of days, so you could all leave me with no one to pick except for the older annoying person who is always one of the first three eliminated.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Approaching 30

I turned 29 this summer. Now most of my friends have either turned 30 or are fast-approaching it just as I am.

For the last couple of years I have been a little freaked out about turning 30. Karina always says, "You're married. You have a kid (2 now). And you are in the career you want. What else did you want to accomplish by the time you turned 30?" She has a really good point. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I have a beautiful, wonderful wife. I have 2 sons who I love a lot. I am in a job that I would be dreaming about were I not doing it.

So, why is 30 so intimidating? As I put it to one friend, "The older I get, the less remarkable I become." Come on, I bet a lot of you relate. If you are at a certain point of maturity or ability when you are 20, people marvel at it. However, when you turn 30 people are no longer talking about how far ahead you are of where you should be. Not that I was ever a star or anything, but approaching 30 just makes me feel more and more normal. Average. It has really made me realize how self-consumed I can be. I still joke about turning 30, but I have really tried to repent before God of being so proud and wanting people to be impressed with me. It is not about me.

The other thing about approaching 30 is that it has made me really think through what it means to be a complete adult. I will no longer be in my 20s. I need to fully embrace adulthood and not make excuses for immaturity.

On the fun side, all of this has made me think through the question, "How Old is Too Old?" Let's do it as a game. If you want, you can respond and debate me on these:

How Old Is Too Old. . .

To play video games? 32. Recently moved up from 25 due to video games becoming more mainstream.

To wear a sports jersey to somewhere other than a sporting event? 22. Or whenever you graduate from college.

To watch a Lindsey Lohan movie? 20. Once the teen years are over, no more Lindsey. Of course, if you are a man, the answer is 4.

To play Pokemon? 8. This goes out to some college students I know. If you're still messing around with this, with Dungeons and Dragons, or with any such thing, STOP! Please. You're too old.

To play touch football with friends? 28. Basketball and softball are okay. Football just becomes pathetic.

To read a Harry Potter book? 18. I know some of you hate this, but it is time to read adult books. And I don't mean adult books in a bad way.

To dress up as a movie character while going to see that movie (anything from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings)? 11. Gotta get it out of your system before junior high.

To declare a college major? 22. This does not apply to those who go back to college after a long absence. It applies only to those who reach their junior or senior year and are still "undecided." Gotta choose something.

Now the other Side. How Young is Too Young. . .

To grow a moustache? 30. Any younger and you just look like a stalker (or worse). Now, you can have a full beard or goatee before 30, but not the moustache only.

That's it. Just wanted to say that. Seth, had you turned 30 by the time you made that small group video? I hope so. Everyone, click here and then watch Seth's video called "Size Matters": He has a moustache. And also, it is really funny.

Good day to all 30 year olds out there. And happy goatee-growing to all pre-30 year olds out there (I guess this applies only to men).

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Pics

I'll write an actual post sometime soon, but I know that there are more people who would like to see new pics of Jack than there are people who would like to hear my latest thoughts on life. Here are some pictures since we brought him home. Tomorrow he is two weeks old.